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Adept I

AMD whea loggger 18 anybody solved ???

Hi everyone I'm getting whea logger 18 for 6 months and I use warrnty this is new cpu but it still restart I test every hardware it's normally can someonw help me I'm so tired of these problem and I need amd take action with this problem

ryzen 7 5800 x

radeon 6600 xt

b450 aorus elite

furybeast 16x2 bus 3200

montech gamma 2 750 w 80+ Gold 

Plz help me It's restart while playing a games if watch youyube discord etc. it's not restart Ty

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Adept III


just had similar problems with 5800x cpu and asus x570 gaming f motherboard.

Try this

Go to advanced menu - AMD overclocking/precision boost overdrive/pbo - this setting is at auto - change to advanced.

In new row (PBO limits) change to motherboard and hit F10 (save and boot) and nothing else.

This alone stopped all my problems and crashings !

Why auto all over is not ok I do not know !

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