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AMD ThreadRipper mounting bracket replacement?

While building my threadripper rig, I realized that the CPU cooler I had originally purchased would not properly cool the processor, so I returned it and ordered a new one. When the new one arrived, I realized that I had accidentally packed the included ThreadRipper Mounting bracket in the returned CPU cooler, and I now have no way to mount the heat sink for my new cooler. Is there any way I could purchase or receive a replacement bracket? Thank you in advance.

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Did you lose or break the original Orange Mount Frame? The Frame is used as a guide to install the AMD CPU. If you really need a new one I would suggest you contact AMD Support through email here : Email Form and see if they can send you a new one or guide you on how to replace it with a new one.

I imagine this Mount Frame comes included only with the entire CPU purchase and is an item not sold separately. I couldn't find anywhere that sells it as a separate item. Thus you need to go to AMD Support and see if they can send you one since they are the ones that manufacturers and packages the Thread Ripper CPU for public sale.