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Journeyman III

AMD ThreadRipper 3970x on a ROG Strix TRX40-E Gaming do not boot. Freeze at Q-Code 07: AP Initialization after microcode loading.



I have a new pc it was working normally but as i was rendering some test  files in blender it just turn off and black screen.

after i turn it on it  don't boot. It stop the boot sequence at Q-code 07 : AP Initialization after microcode loading. The diagnostic led is yellow and on small mb screen is written check CPU .  The CPU fan turn  on and working . 

Any Idea what could cause this code?


Thank you in advance!!!!!



My System:

MB : ROG Strix TRX40-E Gaming

CPU : AMD ThreadRipper 3970X

RAM: CORSAIR VENGEANCE® LPX 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Memory Kit - Black

GraphicCard : GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI

Power Supply : CORSAIR HX1200

HardDrive : CORSAIR Force Series Gen.4 PCIe MP600 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD


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