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Journeyman III

AMD Threadripper 2990wx vs 3970x

I have recently bought AMD Threadripper 3970x and tried to compare rendering times with my 2990wx config.

So configurations are:

CPU: AMD threadripper 2990wx
COOLING: Coolermaster masterliquid ML360 TR4 edition
MOB: Gigabyte x399 Aorus pro
RAM: 64Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4
GPU: ZOTAC AMP! Extreme 1070 8 Gb
DISK: WD SN750 m.2 500 Gb
PSU: EVGA supernova 750 G3 750 W

CPU: AMD threadripper 3970x
COOLING: Coolermaster masterliquid ML360
MBO: Asus ROG STRIX TRX40-E gaming
RAM: 64Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4
GPU: ZOTAC AMP! Extreme 1070 8 Gb
DISK: ADATA SX8200 Pro 512 Gb
PSU: Thermatake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold

Test scene was archexteriors 34 scene 10. Render was started out-of-the-box. No tweaking.

2990WX rendered it in 61 mins, while 3970x finished it in 19 mins.

As far as I know 3970x is not 3x faster than 2990wx.
I think that something is not OK with my 2990wx.
Does anyone has experience with 2990wx?
What could be wrong with 2990wx config?

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Big Boss

marko.zeko, I would like to hear AMD respond to this question, in  particular Robert Halloc.  Please contact them at AMD Online Support.  I am currently upgrading my 2990WX to a 3970X and cannot yet even try to answer your question.  I am very surprised both your systems and the 2990WX especially do not crash regularly due to insufficient power supply.  I have a 1250 Watt supply, a bit too large, but better large than small.  The only real difference in the two processors is the architecture and especially the memory connections.  The 7nm diffusion helps a lot, too.  I would not expect the 3970X to be 3X faster but definitely faster.  To really answer this question is going to take a whole lot of work and I hope AMD can answer more quickly.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

Problem was in memory disposition.
I had 128 Gb of memory in first config. After I got 3970 x I took out 64GB and put it into new config.
Remaining RAM modules were put in first four slots. So only two channels were used. Memory clocks were set to default / auto.
In previous configs setting to auto meant that would work at declared clocks, but in both AMD configs that meant clocks were set to 2133 MHz even tough memory was 3000 GHz.

After I put modules one to each four channels and clock was set to 3000 GHz my vray benchmark result was 27000 and mentioned scene render time was 35 mins.
Which is huge difference compared to first result but difference is still 1,6 x (vray benchmark) and 1,8-1,9x (evermotion scene) slower compared to 3970x.


new interesting observation.

The other day 2990wx config rendered evermotion scene in 35 mins.

Today with no change in BIOS (CPU clock and RAM clocks are the same) it took 27 mins for the same scene with same settings.

Only thing that was different I have restarted comp just before rendering. This is 20% faster.

Adept I

Hello, I own 2990wx and sadly none of the reviews ever told me it performs worse than 2950. Reason for that is the windows kernel. There is a free program called coreprio that partially fixes this problem. There is also no official statement from AMD and Microsoft on the matter which is ridiculous. They just don't care if you've dropped 2k on their broken cpu. I feel scammed tbh and will never buy another AMD product again.


errata, there is plenty of information on this, it is just well hidden.  Beginning in W10 version 1903 and continuing in 1909 W10 now contains all the help you need for this.  You do not need coreprio anymore and have not needed it for some time now.  It is important that W10 is kept up to date.  AMD's Robert Halloc explains all this on Reddit if you can find it.  Search on "Robert Halloc" on the Internet and you will probably find all you need to know also.  Enjoy, John.