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Journeyman III

Amd Threadripper 2990WX Monero mining


Im wondering if anybody can help.

My experience with the amd threadripper 2990wx for mining is not good.
Firstly i tried using monerod solo and next the claymore pool miner. after downloading the monero block chain i set the threads to 16 and i got about 8/900 hashes. In claymore i was getting 11/1200 hashes.

Tried setting to 32 thread but now the hash rate dropped by approx. 25%
Tried 48 threads and it dropped another 25%
And at 60 threads i was down to below 200 hashes.
I am a bit peeved with these results- maybe its to do with windows 10 1803.

Running an instance of monerod solo and claymore pool together with 16 threads each, starting one at a time did not cure the problem either. When the second miner started it stole hash rate from the other miner and vica versa. I have the amd power mode installed set at balanced. ive tried setting registry cache memory values, memory behaviour bias to 2 but no differant
It seems the best thread count is 16 - no matter how many miners are running the total thread count cannot be more than 16 to get best results

Hopefully a fix can be found. Any thoughts anyone?☹️

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Big Boss

admiralgreen, please see this thread and watch the Level1Techs video.  You may want to consider disabling core 0.  I know little about mining, but I would at least suggest you consider elstaci's driver link.  Please let us hear what you learn on both.  Enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

Your results are consistent with my understanding of how the 2990WX memory system works.