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AMD should support this new revolutionary notebook

I have been a fan and user of AMD cpus for almost 40 years, ever since AMD made their first 8088-compatible cpu.

A new company, Framework, is developing revolutionary user-reparable, user-upgradable DIY notebooks. Their first models use Intel cpus but they are open to AMD based models.

On their website, many prospective buyers are already clamoring for the release of AMD Ryzen based Framework notebooks.

There are already seven YouTube videos about their new notebooks which have millions of views and I think there are many people who will be interested in buying one.

AMD should take advantage to get in on “the ground floor” to make sure that these revolutionary notebooks are not available only with Intel cpus. This offers AMD the opportunity to work with a notebook manufacturer who will be willing to create AMD Ryzen notebooks which are not only equal to the best Intel based notebooks but better than any Intel based notebook.

I think the concept is fantastic and likely to be very successful. I think AMD should actively work with Framework and support them in developing AMD Ryzen based Framework notebook PCs.

AMD would be missing a good bet if they don’t work with Framework to help them build Framework notebooks with AMD 5000 series APUs. It’s true that the number of AMD APUs that Framework will buy compared to Lenovo, HP, et all will be tiny at first but AMD should get in on “the ground floor” for this revolution in build-it and repair-it yourself notebooks.

The Framework notebook has the huge advantage of being “field-repairable and field-upgradeable” so to speak. This is a huge advantage for anyone who uses a notebook PC in remote and relatively inaccessible areas of the earth. A scientist working in Antarctica or a researcher working or living in rural Africa, Asia, Latin America or anywhere is going to jump at a chance to have a notebook computer where you can carry spare parts with you and repair it onsite rather than having a useless lump of plastic and metal if something goes wrong.

Please forward this to the appropriate AMD corporate personnel who would be able to explore a supportive relationship with Framework to enable them to develop AMD Ryzen based models of their revolutionary notebooks.