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AMD Ryzen 9 5950X max safe package temperature?


I'm searching info about my CPU max safe temperature but I'm not sure if people refers to CPU Temp or the CPU Package Temp (which is about 10C or 15C higher than the non package temp).

So my question is:

Which is the max safe temperature for my AMD Ryzen 9 5950X? (full load)

I've read higher than 90 is too hot, but I'm not sure if they refer to the CPU Package temperature or the CPU Temperature.

The highest I reach on CPU Package Temperature is 87C.

Is that safe?

I show a screenshot of my CPU Temperatures on full load.Screenshot_1.png

Thanks in advance.

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87C is getting close to your Ryzen 9 5950X Maximum Operating Temperature which is 90C. Once it starts reaching or surpasses 90C the processor will automatically start to slow down or throttle to keep the temperate at 90C or below. If it can't and the temperature reaches a critical range it will automatically shut down the processor and computer to prevent overheating damage.

You might want to look at powerful AIO CPU Cooler for that processor which has a TDP Rating of 105C.  That way it will keep the processor's temperature below 80 under any circumstances.

If you do have a powerful CPU Cooler, either Air or Liquid, than check for proper Air flow inside your computer case, The CPU Cooler is operating properly and is clean, and you have no air obstructions inside your computer case.

NOTE: From what I read the CPU Temperature is the motherboard's Socket temperature while the CPU Package is actually the CPU itself. 

The temperature you need to concern yourself with is the TJunction Max temperature. This is the temperature that determines whether it should throttle or not to keep the temps below Max. Operating Temp.

Thanks for the answer.

I'm using a Noctua NH-D15 for the CPU plus 12 more fans on the case, the airflow is pretty good, the problem I think is the nVidia 3080 RTX right below the CPU.

I powered up all the fans from a lower temp value and now the CPU Package Temp don't get higher from 84C.

It is 55C idle, I think that is fine.

I'm going to check if I can place the nVidia farer from CPU but I think it wasn't possible.

In some BIOS setting you can set your CPU Temperature lower than the Maximum Operating Temperature.

If your RTX 3080, which is a high wattage GPU card, is expelling hot air on the CPU that would explain the hotter temperatures.

The CPU Cooler is pushing warmer air through the CPU Cooler grid.

Will the CPU temperature lower if you remove your computer case side panel allow more air to enter the computer case?

Ok, this is something I had to do when I assembled the computer.
To place below the GPU I had to remove a nvme 2.0 heatsink (I didn't have idea I could do it).
I just removed the nvme heatsink and now the GPU is 2 slots below, farther from the CPU - 15cm of clean distance.
Now on full stress the  CPU temperature is like 5C lower. Also the RAM temps are lower.
CPU don't go higher than 80C / 81C on full stess, 52C / 53C idle.
Anyway in summer it will be way higher
I'll check it again when we have high temperatures here in south Spain.
I didn't pay attention on CPU Package Temp before and yeah, that's the one I have to care of.
Thanks for the info, ^^

It's pretty constant among CPU and GPU alike approaching 80C your MOBO or OS will give critical thermal warning. 

83C and you will get an imminent thermal shutdown warning.

Between 84 and 87C your PC will shut down till temps fall below safe limits.

Upon restart either windows your MOBO BIOS or both should perform an in depth system check and repair if necessary.  This could be fast like about 5 minutes or less or it could take hours.

If your PC goes into boot loops you've either got a badly mounted cooling device inaccurate software core components have suffered suffered damage.

If PC refuses to start up one of 2 things has happened the CPU cooling unit the CPU and even the MOBO has suffered serious damage.

I experienced this on my very first build because my CPU cooler wasn't setting level on my CPU. It was an old Pentium 4 dual core 975 series.