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Journeyman III

Amd ryzen 7 5700g

I recently buy amd ryzen 7 5700g bt its not good for  video editing what i should to do? Please help i talk to shopkeeper bt he is not taking return.

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I can tell by your post that English is not your native language.

But you need to give more details about the problem you are having including your Computer information and Windows version installed.

Try writing your reply in your native language then use a Translation app or service to translate it into English. 

Sorry to ask, but what kind of video editing do you do?

Is it a laptop? A Desktop? Do you have a dedicated graphics card? Share your system with us.

You should do fine with that CPU but if you are using it without a dedicated GPU, you may not get a smooth timeline.

Let me give you and example:

I do Video Editing with a RX480 and a 2700X just fine. I could use more ram like 32gb but I can get fine as long as I don't start opening a lot of stuff.
Do you work with large clips? Then you will need a fast storage for cache too, a NVME will be great, I noticed a speed bump from a SATA SSD to a NVME (even a dramless NVME).

If you use like DaVinci Resolve, GPU power can be a factor, I normally OC my RX to 1450mhz now (crazy, I know) but I can get smooth timelines as long as I don't use more than 5 special effects simultaneously in a short span. Like 5 effects at the same time in a 10 second clip.

I can render in a timely manner too, at least for me, normally under 6 or 7 minutes. for a 10-15min video in 1080p 60fps

But If you want my opinion, the NVME was the thing (in my system) that got me a good editing experience.

The Englishman