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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5950 won't power up on new install MSI B550 Gaming 550

I installed a new MSI B550 Gaming Plus mother board and a new Corsair 750w power supply. I'm using a Cougar case. I transferred the cooling fan from my Ryzen 2700 to the 5950. Everything is properly hooked up to the right pins.

The CPU is propely installed; its power supply is connected and the cooling fan is connected.

The only other carry-over from the previous board at Corsair DDR4-3000 16gb memory cards. I also bought a new power switch.

I have no peripherals or drives installed. I tried a POST startup just to see if it was working, and absolutely nothing happens. No lights go on, no buzz or beep, no action from the fan. There is power from the socket, I tested that. There is power through the power cord.

I removed the power switch plug, and jumped the pins with a screwdriver. Nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong.

I originally thought I had a bad board (MSI B550-A Pro) and returned it for the Gaming Plus.



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