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Adept I

AMD Ryzen 5000x and spontaneous reboots

Hello. I am a programmer. And I tried everything that could fix my problem. But, in the end, nothing helped. I am very disappointed with AMD.

When the PBO function is enabled in the BIOS, the computer spontaneously reboots, usually when it is idle. I've tried in Windows. Tried it on Linux. I changed the voltage, optimized the BIOS settings and tried all its versions. Even changed the power supply, motherboard and RAM. The computer will reboot spontaneously anyway. And this problem has affected all AMD Ryzen 5000x processors.

Say, AMD, are you going to recall thousands of Rysen 5000x processors, or will you release the AGESA patch that will correct the current situation ?! When will you decide this? Thank you, AMD.

AMD Ryzen 5950x / ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero / 64 Gb. Crucial Ballistix Max CL16 / GeForce RTX 3090

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