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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X single core speed at half capacity

Ive got a problem with my cpu, my single core speed is almost half what it should be, according to cinebench 23. My single core speed is 562, which is nowhere near where it needs to be. My thermals are fine, i have an 800w psu and my multi core speed is where it should be. I notice it most in cpu heavy games, (I have a vega 56 gpu) such as minecraft, where i get around 80 fps, and it drops and stutters constantly. Other gpu heavy games or games with high thread count usage work ok, but I need to get this sorted. Ive tried different community support and did not have any luck. I am not running an oc, I tried a small oc and it only raised it by a couple of points with no noticeable change in game. I have an msi motherboard with the latest am4 chipset, the latest drivers for all parts, the wraith prism cooler and fresh thermal paste. My ram is fast, and i use an ssd. Any educated help would be greatly appreciated!