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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5 1600x 75º+ IDLE + PC Lagging

In the past 4 days my pc is really, REALLY laggy, and I noticed that the issue is my 1600x, it has been getting really high temps for no reason, some time after turning on the pc, in any software or Idle it keeps stuck on 75º, all the time. Looking on the Ryzen Master I noticed that when the pc is running smoothly (normally when the temps are below 70º) the "peak speed" is rounding 2-3Ghz, and when the PC starts lagging it keeps stuck on 0.60Ghz. I have a pretty decent watercooler though (NZXT M22), what can I do, please help..

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If its 75ºC when idling then on load it should definitely thermal throttle.

I would check if the AIO water pump is working as it should, if you have a software for control, change pump speed from like, 20% to 80% and hear closely if the sound changes.

Don't put the radiator below the cpu block, it will form air bubbles on the CPU block, increasing heat.

Try the stock cooler for troubleshooting purposes.

Keep us posted and good luck

The Englishman

Have you tried replacing it with an air cooler and re-applying thermal paste?

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