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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 virtualization problems ?

Hello ,

I have a big problem with LD player emulator and i tried for the last 3 days to fix it and its not working. I enabled the SVM from BIOS.

I want to play 4 emulators in the same time .2 of them are working everytime , the 3rd one is opening 80% of times but the 4th never (blocked at 94% loading) or if its opening ( few times) when i try to open the application that i want to use it crushes.

Im using windows 10 enterprise , just installed it fresh .

AMD Ryzen 5  , 24gb ddram , 500gb ssd hard drive.

   I tried to change settings for every emulator to low the ram , core or fps , same problem.

Please tell me what to do because i really dont know anything else i can make it work .The ryzen chipset could be the problem ? Few of my friends are using the same emulator on same aplication and dont have any problem opening 4 in the same time and they are having intel proc.

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Journeyman III