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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 3600 high temps

I do know that amd processors get hotter than intel ones but I have some worries. Recently got my new processor with stock Wraith Stealth cooler. Played a little bit of COD Warzone and noticed temperatures 80-95 C. I've read it's not very normal for a processor to heat this much. My case has good airflow(one fan on front panel and one on the back panel). I got into the bios and  got all fans working at 100% but still got no significant drops in temperatures. Should I buy a better cooler and do you have any suggestions?

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Adept I

Off the top of my head. I thought 95c was the cap for it being safe.

On the stock cooler when playing games or doing other intensive things. I was maxxing out at 84 to 86c on my 3600.
Switched to my old Corsair H60 Watercooler and it dropped the temps by about 15c on load.

Are your fans pointing in the right direction ? (front drawning air in, rear pushing air out?)
Maybe a fan in the top of the case would alleviate the issue a bit.

Might even just be that the thermal paste needs re-applied and the heatsink re-seated to get better contact ?

Adept II

Wow 95C is really hot for a 65W CPU.

I would agree with the above reply, check thermal paste is applied properly... reseat the cooler. You shouldn't even be touching anywhere close to 90C with stock clocks. Check your intake/exhaust fan configuration is set up correctly.

Check Task Manager to see if anything is running rogue processes on your CPU. Ryzens have a tendency to spike in temps when programs do calculations. So keep an eye on usage statistics. There are 3rd party apps like HWInfo to help you see that.

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Adept I

One more note about thermal paste.

Thermal paste should be applied even and *thin*. Too much thermal paste does not improve cooling, it makes things worse. The less, the better. High quality paste, thin and even. But maybe you already knew