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Adept I

AMD Ryzen 3600 behavior. Strange or Normal?

Hello everyone,

I am new to the community although an AMD user for my whole life. So, a week ago I upgraded my desktop from FX-8350 to Ryzen 3600.

My new build is the following:

ASUS ROG Strix X570E-Gaming

Ryzen 5 3600   *cooled by NZXT Kraken X41, same as my FX

Corsair Vengeance 16gb (2x8) 3200Mhz

2x Samsung EVO SSD

PSU Asus rog Strix 650G Gold

NZXT H510 case

Now I did the build alone, like all my previous builds. Updated to latest bios version and latest chipset version. I only activated RAM overclocking from BIOS to achieve 3200 freq.

What I only notice is that my coolers, some time seem to accelerate and make extra noise and that my Ryzen seems to have idle temp 37-42 C (only chrome opened) and in gaming (not high demand game, e.g Valorant) it reaches 57-60 C.

Is that normal? Should I try to change something in my settings? My FX processor although quite notorious for its temperatures, never went above 45 degrees with the same cooler. That's what made me curious.

Thank you for the support in advance.

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Journeyman III

Re: AMD Ryzen 3600 behavior. Strange or Normal?

Hello.  I have a 3600 with a Asus Tuf B450M-Plus with a Be Quiet Dark Rock Slim.  And, have the same temps.  I would say install the box cooler and see if you get the same temps.  It could be time for a new cooler.  Or, check the voltage the CPU caps at.  Mine caps at 1.48v.


Re: AMD Ryzen 3600 behavior. Strange or Normal?

Hello loukas,

idle temp between 37 and 42°C is an expected temp, not worry.

For temp and stability test at full load you can install CPU-Z or AIDA64 to bench or burn test your CPU. Also Ryzen Master software can help you to monitor temps, speeds and voltages.

Don't forget to use the latest chipset drivers from AMD with version 2.04, manufacturer not always up to date and some times stayed at version 1.91.

Enable AMD Power Plan High perf or Balanced perf to avoid spikes on core and freqs use.

Adept I

Re: AMD Ryzen 3600 behavior. Strange or Normal?

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I will check the voltages. To be honest I doubt that the stock cooler from AMD, Wraith Stealth can do better than my Watercooling from NZXT. 

I also have the big one Wraith Prism from AMD which I once used on my old FX-8350. The result was having a noise of a jet turbine before taking off and also a processor that you could cook eggs on it.  

Adept I

Re: AMD Ryzen 3600 behavior. Strange or Normal?

Hello and thanks for your answer. I constantly check through Ryzen Master. in Idle temp is around 40 with max 43 C. 

Under gaming or high demand work, it reaches 65/67. This I dont really like, but I also try to adjust my fan curves.

What I dont know is, if a bigger water cooling unit (dual fan) could really improve the situation (more stable and lower temperatures) and is worth buying or if it is how the Ryzens are supposed to work and everything is ok. 

p.S I also installed latest amd chipset. you were right my MoBo manufacturer did not had this one (2.04). 


Re: AMD Ryzen 3600 behavior. Strange or Normal?

67°C under charge it's a very good temperature.

I have a Corsair H115i pro dual 140mm fans on my 3950x, when I write this message on silent profile (fans 550rpm, pump 1050rpm) my CPU up to 36°C.

At full charge with silent profile max temp is 84°C, with medium profile max temp is 78°C and with extreme profile (not so nosily than CPU cooler) max temp is 74°C.

So I think, if all works, don't change anything more.


Re: AMD Ryzen 3600 behavior. Strange or Normal?

Looks normal to me...  I too came from an FX-8350 to a Ryzen 7 3700X and wow is the tech extremely different!

On my 8350, turbo never worked properly and I was more than happy to leave all that nonsense off and run my CPU full time at 4GHz.  I knew the current CPU's had their Turbos and Boost and all that, but to actually see it in action totally warped my reality!  For example, in the olden days if you under-volted your CPU and could run stable, the only benefit was lower temps... Flash ahead nearly a decade and under-volting your CPU can actually lower temps AND boost performance!  WTF!?!? Mind-officially-blown!  Check these out:




Under-Volted with ALL fans in my systems @100%:


Anyway...  yes the jump in CPU Boost logic in 10 years is astounding and these CPU's are actually designed to be pushed hard and hot compared to what you are used to...  Finding out 95°C is the limit was an eye opener to say the least, the same thing happened when I did another large jump in tech going from my 270X to a 5700XT and finding out that max was 110°C !!  Wow!