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Journeyman III

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

I know this is kind of old, but for the last couple of weeks I have had the same symptoms of aberrant behavior with my Ryzen 1700x system with a B350 Motherboard. After a re-install of windows and NOT installing the driver, there was NO issues. I installed all of the Nvidia drivers, sound, etc, but NOT the AMD Ryzen driver. Not a single problem. NONE. I tried BIOS setting, graphics card settings, etc. Was going crazy. Still looking at the situation, as I want to install the AMD chipset driver, but I can't until I figure out the problem. Hope this helps someone..

Journeyman III

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

System info:

amd am4 1700

asus x370 pro

16GB corsair vengeance 2400 mem

I have read most forums...

i figured most of the time its not the hardware...

I did 3 things

- bios update!

- updated all drivers to latest

(intel network driver? get it from intel website, amd chipset driver? get it from amd site)

Not from your motherboard vendor website!!!!

- In the bios DISABLE C6 State!!! (if you cant find it???)

try CBS - PSU IDLE CONTROL (not low, not auto! set it to TYPICAL current)

After updating bios, ALL my drivers and psu control to typical

For 2 continues days computing

- No black screen error!

I hope this helps some of you?

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