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Adept I

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

My set up:


Asus Prime X370-Pro

8GbX2 FlareX 3200 Cas 14 (samsung B-die)

Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCIe NVMe for boot drive


Seasonic FOCUS PLUS 750W

I have latest bios and drivers.

I tried memory at stock (bios loads it at 2400mhz) and at 3200, without CPU overclock.

seemingly random screen freeze, audio plays in the background or if I'm rendering images it still goes on, the freeze lasts minutes some times the mouse pointer can respond for a second and re-locks up. then it comes back or if I get tired of waiting I force a restart. I checked the system events it only logs my forced restarts.

Super annoying.

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Adept I

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing


i have noted that almost users that have the proplem are using asus prime x 370 pro..

maybe there is uncombitable between AMD and this mother board...i also use same mother board series..


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Adept I

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

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Journeyman III

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

Sometimes whole system freezes and not even power button react. Other bug which happens at least once a month, sometimes more often is sudden restart. Everything just resets like a power failure. In restart's case MCE is shown in boot log:

[0.018897] mce: CPU supports 23 MCE banks
[0.540017] mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
[0.540017] mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 7: Machine Check: 0 Bank 5: bea0000000000108
[0.540020] mce: [Hardware Error]: TSC 0 ADDR 1ffffa965d8c8 MISC d012000101000000 SYND 4d000000 IPID 500b000000000
[0.540026] mce: [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 2:800f11 TIME 1505165669 SOCKET 0 APIC 7 microcode 8001126
[6.225169] MCE: In-kernel MCE decoding enabled.

Ryzen 1700

Asus Prime B350+

HyperX 2133Mhz 2x8GB

Asus R9 285

Linux homepc 4.12.12-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Sep 10 09:41:14 CEST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

BIOS Information

    Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.

    Version: 0805

    Release Date: 06/20/2017

    Address: 0xF0000

    Runtime Size: 64 kB

    ROM Size: 16 MB

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Adept I

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

I think I've got my freezing problem squared away, It's been solid for a week from one or two freezes per day.

Probably a lot of us are having RAM related instabilities.
- I raised the SOC voltage using an offset to be about 1.1V
- A tiny bit more juice for the ram from my default 1.35V to 1.37V.
And it's been stable, no freeze.
Good tutorial on stabilizing fast RAM - YouTube
I hope that could help someone.

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Journeyman III

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

So I've had the same issue. I bought a new PC with an AMD Ryzen. My computer froze after 5-10minutes after turning it on. I was very sad because I've already changed my motherboard due to my reckless "I want to buy in 1 minute", and I've had to change it. I've tried several options and none of them worked from overclocking to down clocking and so on. 2 hours ago I thought to myself what If I'm running an old Windows which leads to freezing. And It's true guys. U got to have the latest Windows and the Ryzen will work as a charm.

That is the only possibility to get rid off the freezing bug. Stop running Windows 10 10240 Version.

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Journeyman III

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

Same problem here!

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS2 (rev. 1.0) Bios version F4

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Adept I

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

I just built a new system out of AMD's Ryzen and I'm having this issue of my screen just randomly going black (monitors go to power save as if there is no signal). The lights on my KB and Mouse go off and the num lock is frozen. The power button on my case will not shut the system down when this happens and if I hold the power button down for 10seconds it will not power off. I have to flip the PSU switch to cut power to it as the rest of the system is still running.

Windows event viewer shows Kernel Power error (event 41, task 63) each time it happens.

My build:

CaseCorsair 750D
All swiftech pwm fans: 2 front, 2 bottom, 3 top, 2 rear (gpu).
CPUryzen 1700stock
CPU COOLERSwiftech h240-x cpu block using silver paste.

Temps idle at 28c full load with prime95 40c

OCCT 3d 32c GPU 43c

Temps measured with amd ryzen master
MBasus x370 pro (stock bios 0612) *swapped to crosshair vi hero (bios 1701)bios 1001
RAMG. Skill f4-3200c14d-16gfx Slots A2/B2auto @ 2400 cas 16 1.2v
16gb ddr4 dual channel. Certified for ryzen.OC @ 3200 cas 14 1.35v
GPUGTX 1080 evga hybrid push pull setup rear fan port.
PSUPSU corsair AX860
SSDBoot drive Samsung EVO 840
HDDStorage drive WD black 4tb
KBRazer chroma mechanical
MouseRazer naga hex
MonitorDell ultrasharp 24" 10bit color DP
MonitorAsus 24" 144hz 1080p DP
Sound outputHDMI from GPU to home theater reciever 5.1
Webcamlogitech c310
JoysticksUSB CH products combat stick
USB CH products throttle
USB CH products rudder pedals
OSWindows 10 ver 1709 64bit pro
amd chipsetAmd chipset driver 17.30 installed
Power plan set to amd ryzen special one.
GPU driver388.13
Software runningAisuite
Firefox 56.0.2
task manager cpu panel
Ryzen master
Avast free 17.7.2314
Razer synapse
Samsung Magician 5.1

I'm at a loss now about how to fix it and the pc is completely unusable in this state.

I also started out with a g.skill memory set made for z170 systems that was 3200 cas 16 but it would only operate at 2133 and the 3200 setting wouldn't even post even with manually entered settings. I returned it and bought a more expensive set of ram certified for Ryzen. It posts at 3200 cas 14 but I got a black screen while web browsing so I reverted to auto (2400) to try and see if that might fix it.

more info:

system will randomly crash, causes both monitors to switch to power save mode as if signal is lost. System hangs, no numlock, lights on KB and Mouse turn off. Power button does nothing, holding in power button fails to shut it down. System needs a hard restart via shutting off power at the the PSU.
Occurs during OCCT gpu test, have not tried to reproduce. Prime 95 ran for 15 minutes ok. Happens while using firefox.

Side note the rgb light for the MB software was not working while I was using the old set of ram. For some reason with the new set of ram it started to function.

Last test: occt GPU 3d with ram set to 2133mhz cas 15 1.2v

System monitors blacked out after about 10 minutes of OCCT gpu 3d set to 1680x1050 144hz mode. This time the lights on my KB/Mouse were still on but system was hard locked again.

Temps were well within reason at about 33c on cpu and 44c on the gpu. Voltages were 1.08 vcore and SOC was around .89

OCCT test with 3200 setting causes the crash in about 3 minutes.

* I read on a different forum that someone had success by removing Samsung magician, and rapid mode (not enabled on my rig) I’ll try that today. Also read not using any temp monitoring software like ryzen master or hwmonitor fixes it. I haven’t verified this but if Samsung magician removal fails to resolve it I’ll try monitoring software off next. I don’t like running heavy load tools with out the monitors but it’s worth a shot to isolate the issue.

Just finished with more tests and removing Samsung magician and not using any temp monitoring software had no effect. System crashed multiple times. It also rebooted once with no warning.

It has increased in frequency and it happens after about 5 minutes of use after the desktop is loaded. I tried loading optimized defaults in the bios.

Lastly I tried reseating the cpu and repasting it to my cpu cooler, temps look fine in the low 30‘s C. I reseated the GPU and reseated the power to the gpu (2 8pin pcie plugs).

Nothing makes a dent. I’m going to fry’s and will attempt to replace the MB. I’ll probably try and get a different model like the rog hero board as it has better electronic components. Sigh.

** 11/10/2017 I bought a new asus crosshair vi hero board and replaced the x370-pro and it seems to have fixed this issue. So far no black screens or hard locks at all. It came with bios 1002 and I updated to 1403 then 1701. The memory is running at 2400mhz and I have not tried any stress tests so far. The new board is the same chipset and only needed a different audio driver and slightly different version of AIsuite.

I will update again if I run into any issues with stress tests or 3200mhz memory. At this point it looks like I had a lemon x370-pro. Also seems that this is a wide spread issue for that particular board. I hope asus will solve this as its a good board if it worked and much cheaper than the crosshair.

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Journeyman III

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

If anyone is still having this issue, I may have the solution for you. By default windows 10 will set the power setting on your cpu to a lower setting, with me this lower setting was causing my first core to load up to 100% while gaming. so i switched the power setting to the high performance mode, and that seem to completely steady out the trends on my threads. I havent had any issue with freezing or locking up since.

Adept I

Re: amd ryzen 1700 screen freezing

I had mine set to the profile that comes with the amd chipset drivers. "AMD Ryzen Balanced"

Swapping to a different MB solved my issue. I am now using all the same parts but on a Asus Crosshair VI hero board, even the same install of windows 10. Everything is working now even at 3200mhz memory settings.

I did try using high performance setting and it didn't solve my issue. I'm pretty sure my MB is just damaged in some way. I think the temps on the north bridge seem lower on my crosshair vs the pro but I didn't log them to compare. My PCH idles at 42-45c.

The only issue I ran into was the fan xpert software not liking my arctic cooling f12 pwm fans. It was picking up a full rpms at 0% in the curve so it ended up not having any control of the fans. I had to edit the file manually to get it to function normally.