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Amd ryzen 1700 linux ubuntu control temp.

I have a r7 1700 but it is difficult to see correctly the frequencies in use 100%. With blender opendata maximum temperature 78C ° Cooler stock without oc. 
Linux ubuntu 18.10 I am asking amd for a basic Linux driver at least for basic controls of real frequencies and temperatures.
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This is a link on how to install a linux program to Overclock and monitor your Ryzen CPU/APUs: . I don't understand it but you probably will. Even though it is used for Overclocking the Ryzen but I imagine you can use it also to monitor your Ryzen CPU.

From Github it has an updated version of CONKY for Ryzen CPUs; CPU Ryzen 1700 temperature monitoring lm_sensors &... - GitHub Community Forum 

From LinuxConfig website on installing Ryzen Temperature monitoring: 

I am not sure if these two programs can be configured to monitor ryzen frequencies or not.

If not try this very good Linux Forum called Phoronix: