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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon R9 8Gb 3200MHz AMD (R948G3206U2S) memory on RYZEN system

Good day,

I have a following system:

AMD RYZEN 1600x (overclocked up to 4Gz, standard bus frequency, x40 multiplier, CPU voltage +0,06 v) absolutly stable

B350GTN Ver. 5.x AMD Socket motherboard gaming-Biostar  (latest BIOS version B35AK919 AGESA only one miniITX for AM4 that I found on market

2x AMD Radeon R9 8Gb 3200MHz AMD (R948G3206U2S) based on SK Hynix

I naively believed that the best choise for AMD RYZEN system will be AMD original memory seems I was very wrong.

The first call was when I could not find any information regaring this memory on AMD official site, and the second one was when I tried to make this memory worked on 3200MHz...

I spent 2 days for overclockes forums reading and etc. Summary:

-  Memory of AMD production (label) is not popular

-  XMP profiles do not work on RYZEN systems at all in 99% of cases

-  Recommendations (sets of timings) on SK Hynix memory (for 3200Mhz) that I found does not work on my system

-  I did not find any AMD official documents\instructions regarding DDR4 AMD Radeon R9 memory on RYZEN systems

My best stable result for this memory is 2667Mhz with 16-18-18-18-38-56 with 1.35v.

I want to believe that ADM is still testing their memory (memory with their label) on their own systems, and if AMD declared memory as 3200 Mhz 1.35v somehow they got such frequency in practice (on AMD system?). Thus, I would like to ask AMD\experts from this forum to provide a correct full set of timings for AMD Radeon R9 8Gb 3200MHz AMD (R948G3206U2S) memory to make it work as 3200 Mhz on AMD RYZEN system. Or confirm that it is not possible, and 3200MHz on AMD RYZEN system for AMD Radeon R9 memory just a spherical horse in a vacuum and nothing more than marketing.