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AMD product verification not detecting Ryzen 3800x

Hi everyone.

On the 17th I bought Ryzen 7 3800X from memory express (in box sealed) and received a code for the free games...  I entered the code and it said the hard ware wasn't detected.  I went to memory express and got another code, same issue hardware not detected, went back again in case they gave me the wrong promotion (Like AMD support said to do) and AGAIN not detected...

I sent ANOTHER support request to AMD and included a screen shot showing the failed to find hardware issue and Ryzen master running in the background showing the CPU info, a picture of the coupon code that showed it was for the CPUEquippedtoWin promotion, and a picture of the receipt.  

I then received the SAME e-mail I got form my previous request saying that the retailer had given the wrong code and to read the guidelines for the code to ensure my product is eligible...  Needless to say this is frustrating beyond belief because I purchased it form a qualified retailer, have an authentic code and it is in my system, its not like it would run without a CPU..........

I just want the games that were promised to me when I made the purchase and have done everything I can do to show I am legit but the AMD rewards staff or system didn't even bother to try and help.

I have updated all my drivers etc and would love any support I can get!


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Seems like what AMD is saying is the code belongs to another AMD Promotions that doesn't included your AMD Processor.

The latest AMD Promotion - RAISE THE GAME BUNDLE doesn't include any AMD processors. Just AMD GPU Cards:

This is the last AMD Promotion involves AMD Processors: Ryzen Equipped to Win Game Bundle – COMPONENT, SI & OEM

Here are the TERMS & CONDITIONS for that particular AMD Promotion:

I have attached the Terms & Conditions to this post for your convenience.

NOTE: It is possible the Retailer is giving the code for RAISE THE GAME bundle and not the code for RYZEN EQUIPPED TO WIN GAME bundle.

Can you ask AMD REWARDS SUPPORT what game that Coupon that was given to you corresponds to which AMD Promotion?

The codes clearly say CPUEquippedtoWin beside the code, the only thing I can think is if the codes are different for the 3800x and 3800x and maybe the code I was given was for the 3700 and lower?


I spoke to AMD support and sent them all the info, they said the code is the correct code and I just have to keep trying to get support from AMD rewards as it seems to them is a verification tool issue...

I’ll rear temp replying to amd rewards and if I don’t hear back in 5 days I go back to AND support...

Just to check, what does Device Manager show as your CPU?  If shown correctly then AMD Verification process is having problems.

Good question. Not sure if the codes are generic as long as you have a qualified AMD Product installed.

Did you open a ticket with AMD SUPPORT (AMD SERVICE REQUEST) or did you open a ticket with AMD REWARDS SUPPORT: Support - AMD Rewards 


I have a support ticket eith AND  rewards support, thrn after getting a generic response I reached out to AND support to see if I can do something to have the validation tool see the CPU.  They said to reply to and rewards support because my codes are for the cpu promotion and my cpu qualifies and li tried everything they suggested to have it work.  They said it must be the validation tool...

now I wait and hope for a response 


Have you setup an account with AMD rewards before?If so From Memory Express I found out If you did previously,you need to setup another account to do something now,I had the codes for My RX580 and 2600x in march,Just put in a RX5700XT last week,same problem until I setup another account,then it worked no problem.

Memory express does have Gears 5 and xbox game pass with a 2600x now,so you are correct .

Luckily I got it sorted the 3800 and 3900 have different codes, they thought it was just the 3900 that had a different code.  Thankfully it all worked!!!

tganks for the help everyone

So the Coupon codes aren't generic. Thanks, that is useful information to know for the future. 

Glad you are finally going to get your game.

AMD really should post that info in the Terms & Conditions to let Users know that each product has its own distinct coupon code in case this should occur again with someone else.

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How a business the size of AMD is unable to provide a reliable, user-friendly website baffles me.

From the time when you would just try to register an account, and a service ticket would be required to fix it. after which you won't be able to log in with it. I now have access to the AMD product checker after a month, but it isn't even able to connect to its own servers?

Please, AMD. Spend 0.07% of your earnings on the website, fire the team behind its creation, and start anew.