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Journeyman III

AMD PRO A10-9700E R7 thermal readings

Hey everyone,

I work for a third-party IT company and one of our clients has a PC with the above mentioned CPU. We installed an RMM application but apparently it cannot pull the thermal readings of the CPU. When trying to confirm whether or not those readings are available, I get the following error using this application:


Does anyone know if this CPU supports retrieving thermal readings? If so, how can I enable it? Thanks for any help/guidance anyone can provide.

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Re: AMD PRO A10-9700E R7 thermal readings

simon_lefisch, I do not have an answer for you - only some suggestions.  Ask the Application supplier, and try your processor on some free applications, such as HWMonitor and trial AIDA64.  This is a User forum and does not represent AMD.  You can contact their Online Support site and ask them.  Enjoy, John.


Re: AMD PRO A10-9700E R7 thermal readings

That application appears to have been designed to work only with Intel processors, and it has not been updated since 2012. The developers would need to update it to work with A10-9700E.


Re: AMD PRO A10-9700E R7 thermal readings

I believe you can activate AMD Overdrive or AMD Wattman in Radeon Settings, one or the other should be offered.

You can try using AMD Overdrive .  But reading Overdrive CPU temperatures is a little confusing but accurate. Overdrive uses "Thermal Margins" to state the temperature.

In another words, when the Thermal Margin is at 10C, this means the CPU/APU is 10C from it maximum operating temperature. When it reaches 1c or 0c, the CPU/APU starts to throttle to keep the thermal margins above 0c.  So if your APU is showing a thermal margin of 40c, it means it is 40c degrees before it starts to throttle to keep the APU cool.

So, if Overdrive Thermal Margin is showing 0c degrees, it means the APU temperature has reached 90c degrees will start to throttle.

AMD Overdrive was replaced by AMD Wattman in Radeon Settings.

You can download AMD Overdrive stand alone program from here: OverDrive™ Technology to Overclock CPU and Fan Control | AMD 

I downloaded Overdrive and installed it on my computer with a FX 8350 CPU: