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Adept I

AMD P-state voltages for Zen3?

Currently I'm working on a frequency-power graph. The problem is, when I set the multiplier in BIOS(of Asus crosshair 8 hero), the voltage, instead of automatically snap to the hardware predefined P-state voltage like on Zen2 or intel platform, it will be locked to something like 1.08-1.1v no matter which frequency the CPU was on. This not only invalidates any results but also mak the system unstable above 4GHz. I tried to give a little offset to the voltage, the offset seems to work but the actual of vcore is still seems to be based on that 1.1v, with the offset I set, which is still irrelevant to core frequency.

So is there a way to see the P-state frequency-voltage pair myself? Or are there any other setting I could check out? Or is this a bug on the BIOS side?

Thanks, been struggling with this problem for some time now, please help.