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Adept I

AMD Link metrics not working

Hello, after the upgrade to amd software adrenalin edition version 23.2.1 for my omen 16 c0004sl with ryzen 7 5800h cpu and rx6600m gpu, i can't see the metrics of the cpu and gpu, and it says that "The display or recording of all metrics has been disabled", but with the previous drivers i could turn it on from amd software adrenalin edition in the amd link tab, now there is no option to turn it on...

I'm using amd link on an android, xiaomi mi note 10 lite, using the last version 5.5.230120

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Adept I

Ok i fixed the problem, i restored the settings of amd link from amd software adrenalin edition and reconnecting the phone worked

As not said, the problem is solved just for the first time, when I close and reopen the app on my phone, the metrics don't show again and I have to repeat the procedure by restoring the settings of AMD link from AMD software adrenalin edition on the pc and reconnecting the phone, fix this bug.