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Adept II

AMD CPU's HQ dead?


Well I guess these forums are as good as AMD's cpu's. I can't post my question because it might contain naughty words, which it clearly doesn't. Here it is:

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Re: AMD CPU's HQ dead?

Since you seem to be making derogatory (and inaccurate) comments about AMD's products, it's no surprise that it "could" be blocked. It is probably being blocked however by automated software intended to prevent uncivil forum behavior because of a three letter world that you used that begins with "a" and ends in "s". This is likely to be trapped by the auto software which could prevent it from posting.

The fact that you believe Intel is 100% ahead on IPC over the Excavator cores means you really don't understand current X86 CPU performance as a 40% increase in IPC over the Excavator core by the Zen cores would be quite sufficient to equal any current Intel CPU. In addition AMD is already developing Zen+ and variations beyond that. The goal with Zen is to get AMD back up to speed on an equal and in some cases superior performance basis to Intel's best products.

AMD has stated officially that Zen core products will ship in 2016. There is no more specific info. on Zen than this at the moment though the belief is that Zen CPUs will start shipping in Q3 of 2016. It would be great if AMD is able to pull the launch ahead into Q2 but no one has suggested this as of today. I'm certain demand will exceed supply of Zen when it is released, for obvious reasons.