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Journeyman III

AMD CPU having native support for Win 7?

Which was last/most powerful AMD processor to have native support for Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit?

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A Desktop/Mobile CPU is not dependent on the type of OS installed.

That is why a User can install and use drifferent types of Operating Systems in the same PC without having to change CPU or hardware.

Unless the hardware doesn't meet with the Minimum System Requirements to run the OS in the PC.

It look like on Google searches that Ryzen CPUs not work with Win 7. Much talking about to make it run Win 7 with slipstreamming and workarounds. I am no wanting to do this. I looking for last/best desktop AMD CPU that work with Win 7 with no problem, no workarounds. Just 'native support', ready to go.


The main problem that I see concerning Ryzen processor Motherboards is installing Windows 7.

The problem with AM4 Motherboards is USB and Chipset driver support for Windows 7.

When it comes to installing Windows 7 on a Ryzen Motherboard you need to use a special method to it. Like use a PS/2 Keyboard and mouse instead of a USB Keyboard and mouse.

Most AM4 Motherboards have special instructions or procedures on how to install Windows 7 on the AM4 Motherboards.

But once Windows 7 is  installed it will work normally as long as there are Windows 7 drivers to install.

Like I mentioned before, a CPU is not really dependent on the OS as long as your have the proper drivers that are compatible with the OS you have installed.

By the way, both AMD and Intel CPUs doesn't support Windows 7 according to this 4 year old Tech Article:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

NOTE: For the time being it seems like Windows 7 is still supported on some APUs and GPUs. But eventually AMD will stop completely making drivers for Windows 7 since it isn't supported by Microsoft anymore with Windows Updates.

So if it is possible it is best to upgrade to Windows 10 which you still might be able to do with a valid Windows 7 Key or pay to upgrade to Windows 10.

EDIT: You can try using AM3+ Motherboards that still support Windows 7. I had a FX8350 Processor when I upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

But AM4 processors are much superior to AM3+ processors. Before you purchase a Motherboard find out if it is compatible with Windows 7. Many times it will says it is compatible with so and so OS.



This thread at PCPARTPICKER also mentions what I said about Windows 7 support:


Win7 is not currently supported on new sockets by Microsoft, however many of the motherboard makers still make Win7 drivers for their products. You can image a PC with Win7 fine, however dont expect anything to work when Windows finishes due to windows not having the drivers it needs. No USB, no Network, ext, however you can load the drivers during the OS install process or add them to a harddrive and slave that drive to allow Win7 access to the drivers to install them. Your mileage will very massively and all I would expect to work off the bat is SATA and the PS2 ports.

Just to shed some light on you question, the CPU (i3/i5/ext) is of little consequence, you are looking for supported chipsets. The last officially supported chipset for Win7 from intel is LGA1151 (skylake only, kabylake and coffeelake are not supported on Win7), and with AMD its AM3+ and FM2+ (AM4 is not supported by Win7)

I would honestly say its time to suck it up and go to Win10 or Linux, Win7 is dead."