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Journeyman III

AMD Cool N Quiet+Global C State Controls leads to system crashes

Hi hoping for some help - also have a support request out with Gigabyte for some answers

New system built in 2020

MOBO - Gigabyte Aorus Pro AC Bios F13a
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5600x
Memory - Oloy 8x4 32GB 3600mhz
PSU - 850W Corsair

Basically, I have pretty consistent system crashes if Cool n Quiet and Global C State Control are enabled, most commonly if I have a streaming video up while also remoted into work through Citrix Workspace. The computer will hang, become non responsive (menus will take forever to open, windows can't be closed, trying to click shut down or restart won't work) - only a manual restart/power cycle will restart the PC - attempting to restart from lock screen just leaves it hanging on a spinning circle of dots on the windows screen. The other thing that is telling her is the task manager completely freezes and stops reporting. If Cool N Quiet/Global C State are disabled, this does not occur, so I assume the problem lies there. 

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Adept I

Re: AMD Cool N Quiet+Global C State Controls leads to system crashes

sorry making you get a notification but i got this too on my 5600x on a RM850x PSU and Asus crosshair hero viii wifi and corsair LPX 3600mhz ram and idk what the problem is but disabling it fixes it for me too, i had the EXACT same problem as you where it will be like super unresponsive i can move around my mouse and close tabs on my browser but closing programs completely will not work and i cant restart, log out or shutdown either and have to use the button physically