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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

AMD Athlon x4 845 3.5ghz bottleneck or?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could possibly know what is going on with my computer exactly.

First of all, I recently decided to upgrade my graphics card. I bought RX550 2gb DDR5, AMD x4 845 Athlon,new motherboard (A68HM-K) and some LC power supply 600W.
The things that are left here are 4gb ddr3 kingston 1333 memory and 500gb hard disk.

My problem here is.. I am experiencing EXTREMELY low performance, but really really big time. I'll give some examples now.

  1. First, terribly low fps in Counter Strike : Global Offensive. By that, I mean low resolution medium details (~40-45-50 fps) when some action it goes to 30.
  2. Second, Dota 2 is disaster.. It can't go over 40 fps with low details and shadows off..

   3. Third, I play osu! game with circles and music which really does not require too much. Input lag is like 1.7ms to 2.7(while playing).

Basically. My earlier computer specification was :
NVIDIA GT 630 (2GB ddr3)AMD A6-3670 2.7ghz

4gb ram DDR3

Some random idk gygabite motherboard.

500gb hard drive.

With this specs I had :

1. 70-80 fps in CS:GO

2. Dota 2 ran to 50-60fps normally on low (max res)

3. osu! had input lag around 1.2-1.5ms.

So right now, I really do not understand exactly where is the problem. I spent enough money, to get an UPGRADE, not DOWNGRADE. I literally payed to have -20 fps in games. And even computer is slowly globally.
There is so many things I've did.. I used windows 7, 8.1, now using 10.

I tried to put 12gb ram into it to test... didn't make MUCH difference.

So now, the most interesting part... I put this graphic card, into the my friends pc.

PC specs are. x4 840 athlon 3.1ghz, 8gb ram, 1tb hard disk and...


CS GO HAS 150fps on very high and last resolution... Dota has 120 fps without any single stuttering. osu! has 0.34ms input lag while playing ???????????????????????????

What in the world is going on ???

I really would appreciate any comment, any suggestion, any help.

I really really don't know what to do, neither I have some pro guys in my town who KNOWS exactly what kind of sorcery is this.

EDIT 1. I saw on youtube so much benchmarks with this processor and graphics working fine for me at least... and to add that CoD black ops 2 works on very high, on 65 fps but everyone says that game is bad optimized. 65 fps for a game from 2012 is really bad...

My discord is Ultraplex#6644.
My facebook is

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: AMD Athlon x4 845 3.5ghz bottleneck or?

Could be a CPU bottleneck.

Try setting the GPU Power limit to +50% and disable Power Efficiency, if its available, under the Gaming tab of Radeon Settings.

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