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Journeyman III

AMD Athlon Silver 3050C mystery iGPU

I have a laptop with an AMD Athlon 3050C a (as far as I have gathered) variant of the 3050U and is almost the same as the 3050U except optimised for ChromeOS. I was just wondering looking at the AMD site specifications of the CPU that the specific integrated GPU in the CPU wasn't specified, only listed as "AMD Radeon™ Graphics" and doesn't specify more on which Radeon graphics it uses. Looking at other websites the majority of them state that this CPU uses the Vega 3 GPU, which seems impossible as the Vega 3 has 3 CU's but AMD says the 3050C's GPU has only 2 CU's. The only GPU that makes sense is the RX Vega 2 which as 2 CU's and clocks at 1.1GHz as AMD said. It would have been nice if they said this on the website, because I was trying to find games that could run with the 3050C and being unsure about the GPU meant that some games didn't run like I expected them to.

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