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Journeyman III

(AMD A8-7650K) and MB ( Gigabyte F2A68HM-H ) No Post

So have a computer and trading out CPU (AMD A8-7650K) and MB ( Gigabyte F2A68HM-H ). anyone know why this combo does not work for me? just MB & CPU, monitor, power supply ( yeah remembered the 4pin ) one ram stick....NO POST at all... tried different cables, PSs, Ram, monitors... got replacement MB.. in case of DOA, then CPU, even though in years of building never got a bad CPU       ….. Thanks for anything you got ~J — feeling perplexed.

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What version number is the motherboard?  Version 1 or Version 1.1?

Version 1 requires BIOS of "F1" or newer.

Version 1.1 requires BIOS of "FB" or newer.

If all you are connecting is the power supply, motherboard, CPU and the monitor.  And you do not get a post beep.

(assuming your monitor has a speaker or you are using a motherboard speaker)

Test the power supply voltages to rule that out.

Try the monitor on a different system to rule that out.

Then it is either the motherboard or the CPU that is bad.  Swap one of those out to find the bad part.

Also "clear the CMOS" just in case...


I wondering if the CPU support list has an error on it.

If the motherboard version is 1.0, try updating the bios to version F2c or newer.

Thanks!  It's a 1.1 I'll check all that tomorrow Thanks