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Journeyman III

AMD A8-7100 Turbo


I´m owning a older laptop wiith an AMD A8-7100 CPU inside.

All my drivers are up to date and I´m also running the newest version of the windows. 

I few months ago I found out, that my CPU isn´t working as it used to before. Especialy the Turbo boost.

This processor shoul work on 1.8 GHz normaly and on 3GHz when in Turbo mode. But what exactly does the turbo mode mean? I read several artical about this technology and get to know, when should my Notebook get to the Turbo mode (the possible Voltage must be high enough, the temperature must be OK,...). 

So what is happening? My processor get´s to the turbo mode (around 2.5GHz on every single core) while I´m doing nothing, but at the time I start application, It gets around 1.8Ghz 2 cores, and around 1.1GHz the other 2 cores... The temperature is around 20°C which is extremely low for an AMD CPU.... I tried changing Minimum and Maximum state In Power Options, but nothing helped...

Do you have any solutions, which should I try to do? Or am I gonna end up hopeless?

Thanks for Your help!


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Journeyman III

Re: AMD A8-7100 Turbo

I've restored my broken laptop with the same CPU recently, and it's running in the same way too. 2.5 GGhz while I do nothing and 1.5 GGhz when I start any app. This is weird.

Have you tried using some soft for improving this? Or maybe getting an older driver?