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Adept I

AMD A8-4500m x28 multiplier

Hi, Ive an AMD A8-4500m processor and lately Ive being learning everything I can about this CPU. I read that this CPU is overclockable till 2800GHZ (with multiplier), still, it only goes up to 2300GHz, Ive an ASUS K55N (locked CPU)

Does somebody knows how can I get the GHz to 2.8GHz? Thanks a lot.

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Re: AMD A8-4500m x28 multiplier

Here is all the Specs on your AMD APU: 

See if in your Laptop BIOS there is any thing related to "Boosted P States".

If your APU is locked it means it is not meant to be overclocked as per this definition:

A CPU lock or CPU locking is the process of locking down a CPU's clock multiplier, either permanently or until the lock is removed. The main purpose of this is to prevent users from overclocking the CPUs, making them operate in conditions that they were not designed for, and then possibly damaging them.

What is a CPU Lock? - Definition from Techopedia

But you can still Overclock a locked CPU indirectly using BIOS using the Motherboard's Reference Clock instead of the CPU.

Generally you shouldn't Overclock any hardware in a laptop since it could exceed its engineered Power & Temperature operating limits and possible damage the laptop.

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