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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

AMD A10-5745M design specification - Solved

Hi. This is my first time using this forum.

While trying to get 64-bit virtualization using VirutalBox on my HP Pavilion 15 I am not able to figure out how to enable the hardware virtualiztion.

The processor is:

AMD A10-5745M APU with Radeon HD Graphics.

The BIOS is HP EUFI (I think I got that right) and I cannot find an option in the menus that allows me to enable the AMD-v (the hardware virtualization. I came across this link:

How do I enable virtualization for an AMD A10 processor when there is no option for enabling or disa...

I says to:

  1. Download External Design Specification document for AMD A10.
  2. Now, check what are the registers needs to be modified for enabling Virtualization, later.
  3. Read very carefully, how the feature works, also check for AMD POR why this function was not enabled in BIOS.
  4. If it is okay to enable, then use ReadWrite Everything utility, access these registers and modify them, restart your system.
  5. If it works then, create a application and put in startup path, so whenever you boot to windows that application will be executed.

While I would really like to find an option in the BIOS that would allow me enable the virtualiztion, I am exploring the above list as an option. I cannot find the external design specifications for the AMD A10.

While I would still like to browse through the specs for the processor, I was able to access the BIOS using reboot, press esc, then F10 to access the BIOS. My misunderstanding was that UEFI (that's the acronym) was a complete replacement for BIOS. There is a virtualization option in the BIOS, but is not accessible through UEFI.

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