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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

AMD 6th Gen APU Laptops with Dual Graphics support availability in India


I am planning on purchasing a Carrizo based laptop in 2015 Q4 or 2016 Q1 in India. My requirements are moderate gaming and heavy Photoshop/After Effects/Illustrator work. I am specifically looking for something running on the 6th gen FX Special Edition APUs (FX-8800P) along with a discrete AMD R7 M3xx GPU which can go into a dual GPU configuration. Also, I'd like to have 16GB RAM and a 2TB HDD, which, obviously I can get later on. But, at this moment, is there any device that comes with an AMD FX-8800P along with a dGPU that has multiadapter capabilities? Or, is any such device coming? Is there any OEM making an AMD device like I said?

Also, I live in India, which means only lower end devices are available here. Will such a device with AMD flagship silicon will ever be available here? I know that HP, at present, are not providing enough power to those Carrizo chipsets (Envy 15z for example), which does not allow both the CPU+GPU to run at max capability simultaneously. So, HP is out of the equation. Other OEMs that are here in India are Lenovo, Acer, DELL, Asus, MSI and Toshiba. Not a very big fan of the last three though. So, back to the old question - should I wait for an AMD based device, or jump ship and be satisfied with a crappy dual-core Intel.

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