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Adept II

Re: AMD 5900x & ASUS Board Temp Problem 80°C Over Temp

" I can tell you that you'll never hit 4.9 on all cores using CB23,CB15,CB20 using the multi core test."

I don't think anyone is expecting this. What I can tell you though with my 5950x I'm not hitting rated speeds (4.9GHz) with single core either.

What is quite clear though is there is an issue, You go to the "Processors" section of this forum and you see countless threads each with the same or similar issue with higher end Zen3 CPUs. By the sounds of it your 5600x is running fine and I'd be happy with those results.

Then there are people like myself who have full custom loops and have never seen their rated boost speed and their temps are 25-30c higher than the numbers seen in reviews. something is not right here.

Adept I

Re: AMD 5900x & ASUS Board Temp Problem 80°C Over Temp

it's about the mainboard giving wrong information.
if the Vcore is too low and the system supports it, the mainboard reports CPU temp too high.


Re: AMD 5900x & ASUS Board Temp Problem 80°C Over Temp

I can confirm it's not the board, it's Agesa. I reassembled my AsRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4S with my 3600X and it has the Agesa BIOS. It tosses way too much juice during boost, PBO off and it affects the peak boost. I get nearly the same boost but still temps hitting 77c simply running CPU-Z bench with PBO off. PBO on and it has the same high temps and running +200 it only goes a little higher than stock. That CPU used to boost to 4.6 and hit 4.4 on 3 cores most of the time. Now with this BIOS it is down to about 4.3 even with +200. Vcore voltage spikes to 1.499 a lot. Before with it would hit 1.456 and boost to 4.6 easily and temps were 60c under all core loads like CPU-Z, CB23. I'm using a Corsair H100 v2 AIO on that, so it's got plenty of cooling. 

Setting voltage in BIOS to "motherboard" or "auto" has no effect on the voltage period. Turning PBO off helps temps and boost suffers very little with this Agesa version. I updated that board because I had put my 5600X in it, but then put that CPU into an ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PLUS board hoping to get to 2000 FCLK because ASUS is using a newer SMU. It did allow for me to go to 3933/1966 but not to 4000/2000 without error 19's (no crash, noticed it in Event Viewer only). 

My 5600X does run on the hot side under load, even with the new Corsair 750D Airflow case and H110i GTX cooler (same as H115i). I used to be able to all core OC to 4675/1.275v but can't do that with this BIOS version because it BSOD's or freezes on CB23 no matter what voltage I set. Could be the RAM/FCLK OC stressing the memory controller at that clock but yet with PBO/+100 it hits 4750 on 3 cores all the time, passes CB23 and other tests. Temps get a bit crazy, spiking to 86c and settling to 83c during CB23 multi core. Single core is fine at 58-60c.

So there it is, 2 boards, different brands, same chipset, 2 Zen versions and the same heat/voltage issue with no cure. Both happening post BIOS update. I'm hoping the new Agesa that's coming soon will fix the wild voltage and boost algorithm affecting both Zen 2 and 3. 

"It worked before you broke it!"
Adept I

Re: AMD 5900x & ASUS Board Temp Problem 80°C Over Temp

when i changed my memory from 3600 to 3200 mhz
and set the vcore as described above, then I have the same error message
or load line calibration from 3 to 2, the mainboard believes at 76 ° C CPU over the temp.
it is a fact that the change will cause the CPU to run out of power and the system crashes.
LLC on 3 higher Vcore 1,272 all core 4.7 ghz Ram 3600 mhz
and my system runs stably even the stress test max tem 86 ° C