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Adept II

AMD 5000 Series Processor - Random BSODs and/or reboots

I want to illustrate the growing issues with these new cpus in hopes that AMD will respond.

I received my first 5900X after Thanksgiving. Hours after installing it I started to get random BSODs and at times it just goes straight to reboots. This is on idle, little load or high load on a newly installed Windows 10 system. When checking the Event Viewer for BSOD WHEA errors, it says "Hierarchy Cache Error". Prior to this, my system has been stable with 3600XT on Asus Prime Pro X570 motherboard.

I started to see online that I'm not alone so I tweaked around with BIOS without success. Some users are able to resolve their issues by replacing the CPU which is nearly impossible. I emailed AMD warranty support but I got a templated response to do this, etc. I couldn't put up with the issues so I returned it and switched to Intel.

Because of numerous users reporting this issue, I put together a reddit post and listed every related threads.

Plenty of other users also contributed to it, so I emailed AMD again (I haven't heard from them yet)

My Intel build was fine, though I happen to stumble in a local shop with an availability of 5900X. So I bought it and rebuilt it with Asus Strix-E X570 few days ago. Everything is fine, so it confirms to me that replacing it fixes it.

With the supply being low, this makes it more painful for affected users, AMD Where are you?






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Adept III

Yes that is a very common error, AGESA fixed it for me-- 5 days stable now. Look for a beta BIOS for your motherboard.


Not all users have their issues fixed with the, it hastened for some instead.