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Journeyman III

-AMD 3800x constantly at boost clock?

Just built a new pc with a Ryzen 7 3800x cpu. Since I turned it on, even at 1% or 2% cpu loads (sitting idle, not doing anything), it is constantly running at 4.4/4.5 ghz, occasionally dropping down to 3.9ghz for a split second then jumping back up. This is keeping my fans running high as temps keep jumping to 50+ deg. What is causing this and how can I make it not stay at constant max boost?

Note: Power plan is AMD Ryzen Balanced.

2 Replies

Change your power plan to Windows Balanced, as Ryzen Balanced is only necessary prior to 2019.

As for speed, look in Ryzen Master at the individual core speeds, as they should decrease when not under a load. It's normal for Ryzen 3000 series processors to run at their boost clocks whenever under their temperature threshold to maximize performance. Thermal maximum is 90*C, so you might adjust your curves to allow a higher temperature if the noise bothers you.

Use the power saver, this will run the CPU at its lowest clock speeds unless pushed