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AMD 3600X crashing with EventViewer 18

MOBA: Asus B450 Prime

GPU: Asrock 5700 XT Challenger D 8 GB OC

Ram not OC'ed.

All driver up to date.

Reinstalled everything twice.

BIOS Updated to latest version.

Once in a couple of days it just starts restart constantly when playing anything


I legit regret buying AMD after 7 months of having it.

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What kind of harddrive are you using?


kingston sa2000m8500g


I hear your regrets, and you have my deepest sympathies.

However, it doesn't seem to me that you are trying to much help yourself.

For instance, you say that your Ram is not OC'd.  However your don't tell us what speed it is running at, What the brand and model are, what your timings are,  How many sticks you are running, Are They Dual or Single rank? What is the Temp you are experiencing on the sticks etc...

It is sort of like me, walking into a Doctors office, complaining that they haven't helped me, but saying I eat a good diet.

You don't mention what you do with your processor chip.  Are you overclocking that?  Is CPB Enabled?,  PBO Enabled? Is CPU frequency set to Auto? 

Everything you can tell us can help us to get you a resolution to your problem.

I heard that you are having this problem every few days.  However how long has this been going on, weeks, months, a year?  Does it happen when you feel the system is Idle or under Load? a Are you seeing anything in Event Viewer?  Are you monitoring Temps, Voltages, Frequencies, current?   Are you monitoring with Ryzen Master?

Ok, let's waste some time to a solution that doesn't exist cause AMD is dog**bleep**.

Ram running at standard 2666 now - AData XPG D10 Dual channel 2 piece of 8GB. 

It usually happens on load. When playing WZ for example. CPB Disabled, PBO Disabled. CPU frequency set to 4000.

It's been doing it for months. 

BIOS on latest version, set it to default, changed all the possible options.

Even set the Video card to -50% power consuming.

Ryzen master is dog**bleep** and useless at doing anything so why would i keep that unstable crap installed on? lol

Nothing happens if the system is idle or playing "lower requirements" video games.


Also i mentioned tat i get EventViewer 18 error in Event viewer in windwos.

Yes fastboot is off. Yes the drivers for GPU were installed in safemode.

Yes the windows was reinstalled.

Yes the temps are ok and it doesn't crash in 3DMark test and 0 errors in other stress tests




Set CPU frequency on Auto.

Set VCore from Auto to Normal,    then set a differential of +0.006V

Set VSoc from Auto to Normal, then set a differential to +0.006V

I'm not sure about the 3000 series if you can set PPT,  but if you can set it down from 88W to 75.\

In windows run on a balanced power plan.

See if that helps.



Here what helped me (until now the system is stable, but I'm still testing):

Load Optimized Defaults and then set:

1) PSS Support -> Disabled;
2) Global C-state Control -> Disabled;
3) Power Supply Idle Control -> Typical Current Idle;
4) Power Down Enabled -> Disabled (for DRAM);
5) Gear Down Mode -> Disabled (for DRAM);
6) Turn XMP to off;

The point 6) is only temporary, I want to use XMP because my DRAM support it. If the system is stable, I will try to re-enable it.

My 2 cents.