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Journeyman III

Amazon sold me a 3700x with broken pin, is it necessary? image inside

A few days ago I received my 3700x, purchased at Amazon Warehouse.

I received it with all the accessories, and as expected, used.

But I realized that one of the pins was broken, I read in some forums that the processors can work even without any of the pins, so I tried it and it worked.

Contact amazon to send me another one but they told me they didn't have it in stock, so they offered me a € 50 discount on the price.

Amazon experts told me that this pin was not necessary, really?

I need you to help me, and tell me what can happen if I work with that processor without that pin.


Attached image where you see the broken pin.


2 Replies

If it's a key pin you're fine, and if it's a ground pin you're usually fine. According to a HardForum post, this is the AM4 pin map, and it appears that the broken pin on yours is a VSS, which is a voltage supply pin. It may work fine, or you may have issues, personally I wouldn't take the chance and would return it, especially with a broken pin meaning the resale value is very low.

Many CPU Pins are redundant, in another words, used for the same function such as ground. So if it is one of those you may use it without problems. I would Stress test the CPU and see how it performs under heavy loads. If it passes then it seems that the pin is not needed for the processor to function properly.

But if I were you, I would return the Processor back mainly because you paid for a processor to be in good physical working shape and not have a broken pin on it.

Since you purchased the AMD Processor used, I don't believe the AMD Warranty is in affect (3 years) since it applies to the original owner only. But lets imagine it did apply, which it doesn't, the AMD Warranty would automatically be voided since it has a broken or missing pin on it.