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Journeyman III

AGESA for Pinnacle Ridge

I have tried to search for an answer from several sources, including Gigabyte, but I am still at loss.

Which BIOS (or AGESA version) I should use for Pinnacle Ridge on B450?

Is it and always will be AGESA for PinnaclePI?

What improvements do the newer ComboAM4 BIOSes carry for Pinnacle Ridge? Or do they make things more complicated?

My issue is, that I cannot get the memory to work above JEDEC standard 2133 MHz. XMP fails to boot and also more moderate manual settings fail.

For the motherboard the memory (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16) is on QVL list for Matisse (mb_memory_b450-aorus-pro_matisse_190828.pdf) and even for Summit Ridge and Picasso. The QVL for Pinnacle Ridge is dated 2018/07/09, which is five months prior to Gigabyte even releasing F4 BIOS with for this board. They have not updated the list, but as brought with it many improvements, one could assume many more modules would also work.

Am I wrong, if I assume, that the newer BIOSes F41 (AGESA ComboAM4 AB) or F42 (AGESA ComboAM4 ABB) might work better with my memory?

Any comments are highly appreciated.


Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO (1.0)
BIOS Version F32 (AGESA ComboAM4
GPU: Gainward GeForce RTX 2060 Phoenix Golden Sample
Processor: Ryzen 7 2700
Operating System: Win 10 64-bit

Memory Part No.: CMK16GX4M2B3200C16

Brand: Corsair

Size: 16 GB (8 GB + 8 GB)
Power Supply: 650 W

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Check with your board manufacturer for whether or not a new bios update will improve memory compatibility. AGESA doesnt help with that.


Well, the Gigabyte release notes are very short. The only BIOS that comments Improve memory compatibility was the F2 back in 2018/08/08. Hard to believe that none of the next eight updates would not have changed that.

Journeyman III

> or not a new bios update will improve memory compatibility. AGESA doesnt help with that.

Wrong - AGESA contains the memory controller parameters, and updates indeed improved memory support considerably for Pinnacle Ridge.


That is what I also thought.

So then for example, the ComboAM4 contains improved memory support in comparison to PinnaclePI, for Ryzen 2700 and B450?


QVL's are board manufacturer specified. One B450 board from MSI will have a different QVL/memory compatibility than one from ASUS. How memory performs, and if it even works properly out of the box, is HIGHLY board dependent. the 2nd dependency is Processor IMCs or UMC. 

Try watching this AMD Ryzen 3000 Memory Benchmark & Common RAM Mistakes (fClock, uClock, & mClock) - YouTube 

Its the same for whatever processor you happen to be using. SO, hes going to need to check his board vendor website. AMD cannot answer about memory compatibility for board vendors. Board bios have come with improved memory stability without AGESA updates as well.


Newer BIOSs with newer AGESAs will increase memory compatibility if it is stated in the BIOS notes that it increases memory compatibility, but that doesn't mean every memory module is guaranteed to work. As it is motherboard dependent, the best place to ask your question will be on Gigabyte's forums where people with the exact revision and model of your motherboard can give you accurate answers.

It would be great, if the motherboard vendors would keep the QVLs updated.

And I have asked the question several times from Gigabyte, without any usable answer. This is the best I got: "F40 and above BIOS is for AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPU. However you can update and downgrade to the BIOS to see if it help.
To be noticed, AGESA code would be the most important factor for AM4 memory support."

In the case of my MB, the list for Pinnacle Ridge is the oldest, even Summit Ridge has been updated and includes the memory that I have.


I suppose this is just laziness on the part of Gigabyte, not that the memory control of Pinnacle Ridge would be worse than all the other processors (on QVL for all others).

I suppose the only way to improve from 2133 Mhz is to try manual settings.

I would have been perfectly happy with XMP plug and play, but that was too much to ask.


I have to use manual settings with my X470 in order to maximize performance. The same with my B350.

BIOS defaults can barely POST half the time.