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Adept III

Agesa ComboAM5 - what has changed?


I updated the : asrock x670 steel legend

with last bios and the update just say:

Agesa ComboAM5


My hope is correct random freezes I'm having. (I suspect is the processor or iGPU problem).

What has changed?

Where I can see the release notes of Agesa?


Thanks a lot.

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Adept II

I was facing many problems until I discovered that it was because of the EVGA 1000 Gq power, so I changed the power to COOLER MASTER 850v2 and all the problems were solved and I tried the power on my other platform from Intel and I did not face problems such as screens stopping, if you do not have good bios settings tell me I will take pictures for you and for you . I use AM5, and then I discovered that I was constantly updating the BIOS to no avail, and I discovered that the problem is from the power or technologies that lack AM5 boards or the power supply

Big Boss

TheHunter, I have tried to find this information since Ryzen 1800X with no luck. Please let us all know if you do! Thanks and enjoy, John.


I have Asus B650E-E Strix and 7950X

Before buying, I read people have issues and then someone said, he had to reinstall old BIOS to get rid of problems. I simply never updated BIOS and machine works fine in every day use. I have encountered a couple of issues with this early BIOS, but only if I tweak some specific BIOS-settings, like change IGFX as primary (which you don't need to do even if you use integrated graphics).

So my advice would be to use an early BIOS-version until something better comes around



Notice I'm using integrated graphics

Also if you run any overclock/undervolt or other tuning, I have noticed IGFX does not like them... When I ran this computer with dedicated GPU, I could lower voltage curve a lot and get more performance. Now that I temporarily use IGFX, I can drop curve only a little bit or there is instability. LevelOneTechs mentioned something similar in some youtube video.

Big Boss

TheHunter, thought I had found a holy grail here, but was for older Ryzens and could not find newer. Someone familiar with GitHub might help. Enjoy, John.