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Adept II

AGESA vs USB connectivity issues

Besides 5800X3D optimizations what changed that now my 5800X3D has USB connectivity issues?  I've had the same board and have used a 3800X, 5800X, and currently a 5800X3D and I've never had USB connectivity issues with any chip and it has only come up with AGESA on my 5800X3D

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Journeyman III

I still have usb drop with AGESA but only when i enable xmp.

Adept I

AMD should not only pay attention to 5800X 3D processors, im having problems with Ryzen 9 5900X!, sound pops, sound stuttering choppy sound while in game, random crashes etc etc.

Never had problems like this with Intel, switching to blue team Intel they seem to be more reliable when it comes with stability.


Some of my Intel problems:

USB-C drops every 10min and when using display over USB-C, its just chaos. 5 ou of 50 laptops do this which means 10% chance it will give me problems. The 11th gen is the worse.

Sound pops during teams meetings. 

EDGE or other browsers, chromium based crashes till we open task bar and end the process, frenquently!

12th and 13thgen extreme low performance on Excel and office apps on windows 10, maybe because of scheduler, but we must follow group policies so updates dont come as fast as you would imagine.

Random BSODing if we even try anything above JEDEC speeds, so we dont ever use it. Only on workstations. 

Sorry, Intel is not perfect in any way.

The Englishman