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Adept I

AGESA not fixing USB problems in my X570 5800X system

I have just built a new system (R7 5800X + Asus Prime X570-PRO + 32GB DDR4 3200 Crucial Ballistix + 980 Pro 1TB + old GeForce 9800 GT + Win10 x64 20H2) and since the first sessions I "discovered" those USB issues which, as I later learned, have been reported by many users.

I had frequent unexpected cursor "freezes" which forced me to disconnect/reconnect the mouse (up to 5 times in sequence) to get it working again. Moreover, I was not able to use some programs because they suddenly lost connection with the license USB key and crashed.

After investigating I found some reassuring information about AMD admitting the existence of the problem, investigating it and providing a solution. To be honest a kind of solution should already have been active on my system, because the first thing I did on the new pc, before installing anything else, was to update the BIOS to the latest version available in the Asus website, which included AGESA whose changelog said "Fix USB connectivity issue".

I then found out the AMD official statement ("we believe we have isolated the root cause and developed a solution...") about a further upgrade, AGESA, which in the mean time had appeared also in Asus website as a new (beta) Bios update. So I decided to give it a try and for a few hours after that, until power off, everything seemed ok: no mouse freezes and software licenses permanently detected. The morning after, however, after an hour or so, the mouse cursor freezed again and in a few seconds the USB key protected software issued an error message and exited.

I can't say there is no difference, because the problems actually appear reduced, lightened. But they are still there. They occur less frequently, but when they occur they are the same as before. Sometimes I get cursor freezes even just after launching a web browser. If I open a Virtual Machine and try to "pass" some connected USB devices to it, I get cursor freezes most of the time. And I still have to connect other USB equipment, like scanner, printer and so on.

At this point I'm seriously starting to fear that this USB problems are very difficult or even impossible to solve (maybe hardware related?). As I plan to use this pc for many years I'm wondering, sadly, whether I had better cancel this motherboard+cpu purchase.

**UPDATE. Just now I had a... newcomer: mouse cursor absent just after system startup. It reappeared after disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse four times in a row. Then another freeze when I opened the web browser to get here (just one plug-out/in this time, though). Maybe the problem is triggered after a certain number of events of a certain type?

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Adept III

be aware that there are a "secret" feature that might effect what you are doing right now.
If you unplug and insert any usb cable ( example mouse 4-5 times fast ) then it will sometimes trigger a
reset or developer function.
I recommend to reboot.

But regarding your main problem, maybe try with another mouse OR try to connect your mouse and keyboard to another
usb port..  The colour of the usb port does matter so keep that in mind.. typical mouse and keyboard need the "slow" usb port with some hardware while other like fast usb ports.

I like to recommend to update your BIOS and also reinstall your chipset drivers.
In the past i had a similar issue as yours and now and then i had to remove the usb mouse and insert it again OR the keyboard.
But i havent had that issue for a while ( its rare now )..  But the problem is indeed still there.
If you can try with another keyboard and mouse just as a kind of test

Thanks delevero for your answer.

The "multiple" unplug/plug occurs only when I see that a single one does not... awaken the mouse. Sometimes a single go is enough, but other times the cursor moves just a little and then stops (or disappears) again, so I unplug/plug again, not so quickly actually (I allow a few seconds to... meditate). The number of necessary repeats seems to vary with no apparent reason.
I also tried to move devices from one USB port to another, but also there I didn't find any stability to rely on.
Rebooting the system obviously works, but it is certainly not a method that can be accepted as a habitual practice...

I did update the BIOS and chipset drivers to the latest provided by Asus, but, as you correctly say, "the problem is indeed still there" and this, after two firmware updates specifically aimed at solving it, is certainly not reassuring for the future of a newly purchased PC. Moreover, the AMD statements seem to suggest that the chipset drivers are not involved in the USB issues.

As you can imagine, the idea of dismantling everything (just after assembling and setting up) and then going through the return procedure (and then deciding what to do next) is quite far from pleasant and I'd surely prefer to feel confident and comfortable with this setup, but I must face facts and I have the subtle growing feeling that this may be a dead-end road, also because we are talking about somehow "getting old" products (X570, AM4...) and about problems that ultimately affect a fairly modest amount of users (if compared to the totality).
On the other hand, supposing some errors are dating back to the design of the chipsets or cpus, there is not much technicians can do now, other than attempt some kind of workarounds which cannot "solve" but only mitigate.


I’m still on and my USB problems were resolved by updating to latest bios and updating chipset drivers. Before that is was a nightmare with the HP Reverb G2, sound was not working, stuttering etc. 

Thanks Gerhard for your contribution.

Are you saying that your problems were not resolved by AGESA alone but got solved once you upgraded also the chipset drivers?

What combination of motherboard/cpu are you using?
Did you download the chipset drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's website or did you use the ones provided directly by AMD (which are often more recent) ?


I am using a x570 Gigabyte Aurus Elite WiFi with 5800x. The USB resolution came with the latest beta bios. Once I installed that the sound started working on the Reverb G2 and it now starts up without error every time. I have PCI 4, universal c state and resizable bar enabled.

I also discovered that you have to download the chipset driver from AMD and not Gigabyte. Further, when installing the Adrenalin software, uninstall the old one and reinstall the new one. Following the upgrade process inside Adrenalin took my timespy from 17k to 14k. I had a lot of stuttering in iRacing VR so getting the latest chipset, Radeon reinstalled solved that problem.

My opinion is that the bios updates helped with USB issues. Chipset, GPU driver, steam VR and DX11 updates helped with the stuttering and framerates. Having said that, I have seen benchmark bumps purely from bios updates. Since February there were 4 of those.

One other thing worth mentioning is making sure that you have the latest DX11 & 12. 

On the iRacing forum there are 4 threads going with groups very unhappy with AMD GPU performance compared to NVIDIA, basically a 6900x underperforms a 1080. I’m pretty happy, maybe it is because I benchmark after every change to understand if it worked.


Well, my setup is way simpler than yours, as I'm not a "gamer" and I use my PC just for usual simple tasks and for some music making with a "light edition" DAW and a few free virtual instruments.

So my system is quite far from being pushed to the limit and actually operates (or at least should) in a very... relaxed way, with non overclocking at all (stability is essential to me). Just think that my graphics card is an old GeForce 9800 GT and I'm satisfied with its performance !!

Nevertheless, despite installing the 3801 "Beta" BIOS (which includes and the latest chipset drivers from Asus (, I'm still having the same USB problems, despite less frequent; not with the USB audio interface, actually, but mostly with "simpler" devices, such as the mouse and an USB-key license device which the DAW checks at startup and also during operation.
I know that when setting up a new PC you have to take into account the occurrence of some problems and the need to revise some configurations and settings, but I really didn't expect having to face annoying issues with standard USB 2 devices !
And, to be honest, I also didn't expect to find issues like these in such "high-end" (and pricey) pieces of hardware.

I also tried, just this afternoon, to set the M.2 slot to PCIe Gen3, instead of "Auto" ( = Gen4, with 980 Pro) in BIOS.
I thought: if the USB issues go away and the actual SSD performance loss is not so perceivable I can live with that, apart from the small regret of paying for a speed that I cannot exploit.
Sadly I had a mouse cursor freeze just a few minutes after rebooting, while I was simply browsing a web forum...


I hope that gigabyte does a better job with it as .1 leaves my ports on at shutdown.


Gigbyte Bios came out today. 

Journeyman III

Usb disconnects are still a problem even with the latest Bios.


I'm having problems on a Gigabyte Aorus Pro wifi x570 mini itx with the latest F33 bios.
which has AGESA ComboV2
when trying to do captures with a usb Elgato Camlink 4k; the device just disconnects;



I'm only able to capture 10 to 20 minutes with the Elgato Camlink before the problem occurs.


I am able to perform my captures on my Alienware labtop for hours so I feel confident its not the Elgato.


I'll keep toggleing bios settings for a little while. Maybe just easier to

wonder if amd is watching this forum... pcie gen 4 is broken... disable it will fix a bit the keyboard but will dc sometimes as well.. bugs is everywhere......

USB disconnect here likely cause by the 4 stages USB.... move to other USB slot maybe help....... pray it not hang now.........




Yeah it didn't fix my MAG-X570-TOMAHAWK-WIFI with X5900 either so, neither did their latest beta bios... Still an issue for some of us, hoping AMD is still working on this since it's clearly still an issue