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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Agent ignoring my guarenty request

hello guys , my cpu had problems and i contacted the support who sent me to request the replacement of it but after weeks of contacts and screens of everything sent the guy refuses to do it and says my cpu doesnt show up .

he haves screens of everything including the serial number pf the cpu , i cant keep on this situation because i have no pc at this point and i need it for almost everything this days

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Re: Agent ignoring my guarenty request

sorry to hear about your issues. Usually when they deny they have a reason and sometimes they tell you what they need an maybe you didn't supply exactly what they needed? You can always start over and ask again.

A couple of the mods here have helped people in the past to know what hung up their request or can help them resubmit things correctly.

@amdmatt   or  @ray_m  may be able to help. I am sure they will need the a number that AMD gave you for the rma request if they gave you one. 

If you don't wan't to post that here you can send them a private message. 


Good Luck!