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Journeyman III

after normal boot, I lose mouse and keyboard. When I run diagnostics or system restore they work fine. Restore process gave me this E:\windows\WinSxS\ and error code 0x80070570

What could be causing this as it doesn't appear to be hardware.

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I had the exact same issue with a Dell Poweredge T110 I modified for Gaming once. The fix was to unplug the computer, and press the power button for 10 seconds, to empty the capacitors. I then cleared CMOS and never had this issue again. It might a bit of a longshot, but maybe you can try that ? Let me know if it fixed your issue .

Great name by the way.

So far I just went looking for that file and I found it in the Windows\WinSxS folder. There was a file there with a date

Of 2/23/2018 so the repair/restore may have fixed it. Not sure why the error suggested E: drive as I don’t have an E:

  1. The PC has been fine for a day and a half but is starting up on partial basis “selective”. I’ll try going back a normal

boot and see if the problem returns. Will keep you posted and thanks for the reply.