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Journeyman III

advice needed please

msi x570 board. 5800x cpu & rx6700xt gpu. Is the 56003XD considered an upgrade? I want to move up to the new 7900xtx, I want to stay with am4 for now. Thanks.

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I presume you meant to upgrade to a AMD Ryzen 58003D and not 56003D.

This tech site compare the 5800x vs 58003D:

Concerning the 58003D from the above link:

The 5800X3D has the same core architecture as the 5800X but it runs at 11% lower base and 4% lower boost clocks. The lower clocks are in exchange for an extra 64MB of cache (96MB up from 32MB) and around 40% more money. For most real-world tasks performance is comparable to the 5800X

Users with an existing AM4 build should wait just a few more months for better performance at lower prices with Raptor Lake or even Zen 4. The marketers selling expensive “3D” upgrades today will quickly move onto Zen 4 (3D) leaving unfortunate buyers stuck on an overpriced, 6 year old, dead-end, platform.

In my opinion from the above link it doesn't seem like the amount of performance increase with the 3D processor is worth the upgrade besides the cost of the new processor compared to the regular "X" processor.


ok, thanks. I think the only upgrade (if any) should be the gpu, 7900xt or xtx? I built specifically for 2K gaming, based on Samsung G7. (love it). 

So, should I upgrade to a 7900xtx?


arrr , i was writting "2k gaming doesn't need that power it's overkill until you need high refresh rates"

but then i saw g7's advertise with 240hz ... saying "standard screen 144hz" is ultra blurry etc lol .. okok ... difficult choice to play at that refresh rate you are "sentenced" to buy always the expensive gpu..

Journeyman III

32 gb ram ddr4, 980 pro nvme 2.0 1Tb