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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

About the Ryzen 5900 stock

Hi. I'm not here to cry or complain or insult AMD about the absence of stock for their new CPUs.
I'm from Spain. I just bought a new motherboard for using a Ryzen and I can't install it since the CPU is out of stock everywhere, no shop can give answers. I don't mind waiting, but I would like to know a time window so I don't lose the opportunity to buy one again. And yes, I understand that giving specific dates is impossible, but an estimated time would be fantastic. A week? A month? 3? I don't care, but I don't understand AMD's radio silence on this topic. I think what is making people angry, more than not being able to buy, is to be kept in the dark. So if anyone knows anything I would appreciate any info on this topic, thanks.

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