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Journeyman III

A6-7480 Lack of drivers for Windows 8.1 / no support for dual graphics / ANY other graphics add in!

I recently bought the A6-7480 and i am extremely dissapointed with it. and i cant return it to the seller.

I am quite mad with AMD and i hope they DO something about this!  

1.- a6-7480 doesnt have ANY official drivers listed, in fact, the cpu doesnt even show in the whole amd official page

2.- it doesnt have drivers for Windows 8.1, but does for 7 (useless by now.. and the cpu was released this year) and Windows 10

3.- it doesnt support DUAL graphics but not only that

4.- if you plug in a discrete GPU you get the error message in Windows "insufficient free resources" so you cant have a discrete gpu + the integrated graphics working... there goes my triple monitor setup... : /

5.- i had a hard time getting it to run properly, windows 10, fresh installation default drivers BSOD 

6.- so i had to disconnect from internet (after reinstalling..) and download the drivers for the a8-7860 and it worked.

I tought this being the last gen of A series for FM+ would be nicely done, but it is a disgrace AMD !

I hope you give us proper driver support AND enable the GPU to workside another discrete gpu (amd or nvidia) like i have in my other computers (a10-7870k, a4-5300) it works perfect there.   I tried using an r7 240, r7 250, nvidia gt520, 650. nothing works! both gpus show in windows but for the A6 "not sufficient resources available" !  and it doesnt work.

**** UPDATE *** also, i cant install linux! video doesnt work.... i get  black screen when trying to install it.  i tried installing ubuntu with the r7 240, then fully update ubuntu, linux kernel 5 and after i remove the r7 240 and try to run it with the integrated video card i get a grey screen...

So it only works with Windows 10... with BSOD until you manage to install the drivers (as mentioned ^^) , no dual graphics, and no dual gpus.   This is a major Rip off !         : /

Stay away from the A6-7480 fm2+ Apu guys!

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That CPU is kinda unusual.

What is the Make & Model of your Motherboard and what BIOS version do you have installed?

Does your motherboard have any drivers for the Integrated Graphics (Included with the CHIPSET possibly) for your A6 Carrizo processor at your Motherboard Support Site?

So you need to check your motherboard's Support download site to see if they have a APU Driver for your A6. Also need to check what BIOS version is needed to support your A6 and if you have the latest BIOS version installed.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that AMD doesn't support Windows 8/8.1 with any types of drivers. Basically up to now, Windows 7 & 10.  There will probably be Windows 8/8.1 drivers in Previous Drivers before AMD stopped supporting Windows 8/8.1.


I have the Biostar  Hi-Fi A70u30 version 6.4 with lastest Bios Agesa Carrizo PI1300 relased 2018-10-04

I also tried it in my Gigabyte   Ga-f2a78m-dashv  with lastest bios Update AGESA for A-series Carrizo APU support

Results are the same. as soon as i plug in another gpu in the motherboard the integrated A6 gpu doesnt work, same "insufficiente resources available" error in device manager.  Which is what doesnt let me run dual graphics or triple monitor setup.


The BIOSTAR Motherboard doesn't support the A6-7480 processor: Best motherboard manufacturers. Biostar provides various high quality motherboard gaming series, inc... 

The Gigabyte Motherboard also doesn't support the A6-7480: GA-F2A78M-DASHV (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE U.S.A. 

That is why you have the issue you have. Both motherboard's BIOSes don't support and is compatible with the A6-7480 thus you are having the problems you are having due to incompatibility issues with that processor.


Thank you for checking that out, but your information its not right elstaci

The Biostar is version 6.4  . you linked other version, and in the 6.4 version:

FM2+ AMD A6 (*) 7480 AD7480ACI23AB 3.50 GHz 65W

Also in the gigabyte you are not taking into account the bios upgrade.

Thanks again for helping, but that is not the reason :  both motherboards support the A6 7480


You are correct, my mistake concerning BIOSTAR Motherboard. the version 6.4 does indicate it support that APU. I believe the Asterisk probably indicates you need to update the BIOS for proper support.

As for Gigabyte, Even with a BIOS upgrade if the Motherboard doesn't list the APU it won't be supported.

As for BIOSTAR, I would install the Chipset from 2018. That will install the APU Graphic Driver for your A6 Carrizo processor. It is both for Windows 7 & 10:

If that doesn't fix your problem then I would suggest you open a BIOSTAR SUPPORT Ticket and see what they recommend.