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Adept II

A quick spark, and then nothing.

Last night I was playing some games when all of a sudden my PC just shut off. I assumed that I might've tripped some loose power connector when I was moving my feet around (Yes, I know it sounds terrible of how close my feet are to wires), but after repeatedly trying the power button to no avail, I decided to try to reseat the power connector to my power supply. Then, after a seemingly successful 2 seconds, I saw a flash come from the top left of my motherboard, near the CPU power connectors. I immediately unplugged everything and started trying to figure out what just happened.

After tinkering around with it for a day and researching on this topic, I've found out that it was the CPU power connector. Only the actual male end had residue the female connector seemed to be fine.

All my research has pointed me in the direction that my power supply is garbage, but it's an EVGA 850 watt GQ? I'm stuck, the mobo lights up and fans spin when I don't plug in the CPU connector, but when I do, I hear a click and see the CPU cooler light up for a split second and then fade away, with nothing. (I did use a different unused CPU connector whenever I was plugging it in, not the burnt one)


CPU: FX 9590
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100 AIO
MOBO: Asrock 990FX Extreme9

RAM: Corsair Dominator 2x8 1866Mhz



I'm suspecting that something got fried, more than just that CPU connector, I just need to figure out what.

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verscotchi, if the male end of the CPU power cable is available, I suggest you measure the voltage on the pins.  Please be careful not to short the pins - some are 12 Volts and some are ground.  Enjoy, John.


Sounds like your Motherboard shorted out or possibly your CPU shorted out. Your FX9590 is a very high Wattage CPU.

See if your PSU has a Warranty on it so that you can open a EVGA Warranty Ticket and asked them if the PSU needs to be RMA if still under Warranty. If not, physically check the 12.0/5.0/3.3 Vdc outputs with a digital meter. All voltages should be within -/+5% tolerance.  PSU normally have Over/Under Shortage protection. So it may still be good.

Physically inspect the CPU for burnt or damage from the shorted Motherboard. If it looks fine then continue below. There should be no dark discolorations around the pins or damage or burnt smell anywhere on the CPU.

If your FX9590 is less than three year old and you are the original purchaser then I would suggest you open a AMD Warranty Ticket to see if it is covered under Warranty if the CPU shorted out. You can open one from here: 

AMD Warranty may say it was customer error if the CPU shorted out for some reason but there is no harm in asking. They might give you some suggestions on how to check the CPU to see if it is defective.

I was going to suggest to install the CPU on another compatible motherboard to see if it boots up, but if the CPU is shorted then it might short out the other motherboard also.

I would also suggest to remove the motherboard from the computer case and physically check to see if there are any burnt marks or damaged components in the back or anywhere on the motherboard. Possibly some electronic component failed and shorted out or some foreign object shorted it out like a screw on the computer case. Make sure to check the Motherboard's Socket for damage.

Unfortunately, it is a lot of work but when something like that happens you should check all the hardware connected to the motherboard for physical damage to try an narrow down to see which hardware actually got damaged if it did.

Good luck.


Here is the features for your EVGA PSU:

It has a 5 year Warranty on this PSU from EVGA.

Forgot to mention, on the motherboard check for any burnt or open traces underneathor above the CPU Power connector to the Socket. If a power or ground tracing opened up from a short then your CPU would never get any power to boot up.

Most likely your Motherboard doesn't have an active Warranty unless you just purchased it recently. If it does open a ASRock Support or Warranty ticket and asked them if they believe the motherboard was damaged.


I was worried that maybe a loose standoff or some screw could've done some damage, but there are no visible marks of damage besides the male end CPU connector. The board connector, mobo, and CPU all look completely fine. Now, there is still a lingering burnt smell, and I can't seem to track that down, it's just in the room, nowhere in particular. I can try testing voltages on all my parts, but unfortunately, I don't have other mobos or CPUs that are compatible with this platform. I am also not under any warranty for any parts except for PSU, which again, seems to be absolutely fine.
Right now, I have a breadboard, test board type of set up with my mobo, CPU, RAM, cooler, and PSU trying to find out the issue.


Contact AMD Support and tell them what is happening. Maybe they can determine if your CPU is damaged by what happened or have you try to run some tests.

Contact them here:  also you may want to try and contact AMD Warranty maybe they may give a better idea about your Processor even though it isn't under Warranty from here: 

Also open a Support ticket with ASRock Support. They may be able to tell you if possibly your motherboard got damaged by what happened from here: ASRock > Support Request Form 

Your CPU is three years old or older?  ASRock has a one year Warranty on the motherboard.

Sounds like you got a power surge through your motherboard. Could be due to a short or some other power issues.

Worst case scenario, you take it to a computer shop or maybe Best Buy and have them physically check out your CPU. But that might be expensive.

Here is Best Buy's rates to diagnosis your CPU or computer: 

Or just check computer repair shops near where live that may be a lot cheaper then Best Buy.


Thanks for the direction and advice, but I'm probably going to end up trying to maybe sell the CPU and AIO in exchange for a newer Ryzen 2600, mobo, and ram. Hopefully, I can try to get some sells going soon. It honestly sounds terrible to go to a computer repair shop for a $85.00 diagnosis, but I'll think about it. For sure I'm going to hit up AMD support emails tho.

Upgrading will be your best avenue of action if you can afford it or it is in your budget. 

Try selling your old hardware at Amazon Marketplace or Ebay.

it will be difficult to sell a CPU or Motherboard that may be defective without first checking it.

Try going to a local computer shop. It might be cheaper then Best Buy.  But best bet is to open a Warranty Request or AMD Support tickets with AMD just to get their opinion. Same with the ASRock Motherboard Warranty.

By the way, AMD Warranty doesn't go into effect until the vendor's Warranty first expires.

Good Luck!