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Journeyman III

8K HEVC Graphical issues with 3900x

Just upgraded from the blue team back to AMD a few weeks ago. Just noticed an issue when playing back HEVC encoded 8K video files. Non HEVC 8K files play back fine, just not HEVC 8K files.  4K HEVC plays fine though. Video plays normal, but has aritifacting. 

Specs: 3900x

MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi

EVGA RTX 2080 Super.

At first I thought it was the GPU, but put in in my 8th Gen i5 build the 8K video played kind of chopping BUT there was no artifacting. Confirming it was not a GPU issue.

Any ideas?

Clean in install of windows drivers, etc

Another note, if I remove the nvidia GPU driver and use software rendering whatver its called the artifacting is not there.