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Journeyman III

7950X Slow Boot Time

I built my new PC a few months ago and been having this constant issue with my 7950X. It takes upwards of 45 seconds just to post every time. I have read many forum threads about this and most people say to hit "Enable Memory Context Restore" in the bios, however this is not a stable solution. I used to run WIN11 and it would blue screen due to memory issues when I had used the memory context restore solution. I was wondering if there was a real solution that was in fact stable and reliable. I daily Arch Linux now, but I still need to be able to dual boot into my WIN11 for proprietary engineering applications. I keep updating my motherboard BIOS hoping there is a fix, but the 7950X has been out for a significant amount of time that I would hope there would be some attempt at a robust solution.



  • 7950X
  • ASUS Prime x670-p wifi
  • MSI 4070ti
  • 2x 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR5
2 Replies

Unfortunately ASUS is one of the biggest offenders but 45seconds seem too much. Make sure your memory kit is on the QVL.

Without memory context restore I have 21 seconds to post,with it under 8. Try memory power down with MCR and see if the blue screens go away.

Good luck 


The Englishman

Thanks for the tips! I remember that when I was building the PC, it booted super fast. However, I enabled expo ONCE and from then on it was stuck booting super slowly. Not sure why but the slow boot was persistent even after I disabled expo. I just now upgraded my BIOS from v1223 to v1654. It reset all my settings, including my expo and for now, it boots normally. But I am hesitant to enable the expo again because just enabling it that one time was enough to mess up my boot time until this major bios change came out.